Bonus Programs

Referral Bonus

Refer us to quality employees and earn up to $1,000 every time! If you, as a member of the Ultra Shine team, refer a new team member and they remain in good standing (including perfect attendance), you can earn $300 for an hourly employee (after the first 90 days of employment) or $1,000 for a salaried team member (after 182 days of employment)!

Performance Bonus

If you are recognized for exceeding expectations in your performance as an Ultra Shine team member, we will give you $100 and a paid day off to congratulate you for your efforts!

Leadership Program

We believe in rewarding dedication, thoughtfulness, creativity and innovation. Each year, Ultra Shine awards $10,000 to one of our employees who best demonstrates an effective solution to improving our business!

You have demonstrated that we can save $80,000 per annum without sacrificing service.