Green Cleaning

Ultra Shine Building Maintenance is committed to supporting efforts to improve the environmental quality and health of occupants and workers in our clients’ buildings.
Our janitorial services prioritize eco-friendly products and practices.

Our green cleaning standards include:

  • Green cleaning products certified under Canada’s Environmental Choice Program or U.S. Green Seal standards, identifiable by the EcoLogo™ or Green Seal symbols
  • Focus on critical areas of frequent human contact — such as doorknobs, push bars and handles, telephones, and elevator buttons — so as to limit use of disinfectants
  • Janitorial paper products and plastic garbage bags with mandated minimum percentages of post-consumer recycled material
  • Energy-efficient vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, and floor-care equipment, including eco-friendly, gel battery-powered equipment
  • Use of microfibre dusting cloths and flat mops, which outperform traditional materials and do not require chemical compounds
  • Use of concentrated formulas and proper on-site dilution wherever possible in order to reduce packaging waste and transportation carbon footprint
  • Focus on preventative measures

Restricted Products

Ultra Shine does not permit the use of environmentally damaging products such as solvents, hydrochloric acid bowl cleaners, caustic drain cleaners, Butyl degreasers, bleach, zinc floor finishes, or zylene floor strippers.

Specialty Products

Every effort shall be taken to obtain the safest cleaning products available. Ultra Shine Building Maintenance shall be notified in advance of any specialty product being used in a LEED-certified building.

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