Measurable Results

How do you know your building is truly clean? How do you know if the janitorial services you’re paying for are actually being done? How do you know you are receiving real value for your money? You need proof.

Ultra Shine gives you that proof through industry-leading quality control. Our CleanTelligent™ -powered digital quality control system gives you inspection information at your fingertips, letting you know exactly what work has been done and ensuring contracts are being honoured.

Ultra Shine’s customer service is based on three values: quality, communication, and reassurance. Our quality control system upholds all three.


The CleanTelligent™ system offers inspection results for review, ensuring quality and value for your money.


All work is scheduled based on the areas and frequencies specified in the contract. CleanTelligent™ performance reports help us increase accountability and improve internal training.


Client access to the CleanTelligent™ system via regular email allows you to notify us of issues that arise, followed by notifications to responsible personnel. The system enables direct notifications to management if issues are not promptly addressed.

With effective quality control, you can rest assured that:

  • Services are completed as contracted
  • Messages are documented and receive prompt response
  • Customer service meets (and exceeds!) your expectations
  • Your buildings are consistently cleaner for what you are paying

Please contact us to find out more about our quality control measures.

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