The Ultra Shine Philosophy

Established in 2009, Ultra Shine Building Maintenance is a dynamic and passionate company that offers flexible maintenance and janitorial services across Western Canada.

We are a full-service company that can meet all of your cleaning and maintenance needs, whether for a one-time service call or an ongoing program; whether you manage one property or dozens. We eliminate the administrative headache of dealing with multiple different service providers. We do it all, and you only have to deal with one invoice!

We are committed to investing in advanced training and equipment to maximize efficiency and results, which saves our customers money. We are always looking for ways to improve our operations. Ultra Shine strives to be transparent, honest and direct with all of our customers. We invest in our relationships and are committed to building lasting partnerships.

Ultra Shine has built a corporate culture that enriches the lives of our customers and our employees. We enthusiastically recruit and train high-quality personnel. No product or device can take the place of a happy and motivated employee. We encourage all of our employees to use their unique strengths and skills to improve our operations and develop a positive and constructive workplace.

You are currently saving our shopping centre $77,000 every year of service. The foreign worker employees work with a sense of urgency and eagerness to keep the facility clean and it's refreshing to see the results that you promised to deliver.