Transportation Hubs

Bus stations and train/LRT stations all get hundreds of thousands of visitors every day and are the gateways to cities and communities. A clean transportation hub makes for a better traveller experience, in turn encouraging economic activity. Ultra Shine helps provide that quality traveller experience through industry-leading building maintenance.

With the steady flow of heavy traffic they receive, transportation hubs are challenging facilities to manage. Our flexible, 24-hour/365-days-a-year service and industry expertise will provide your busy hub with that extra shine!

Our janitorial services in the transportation sector include:

  • Parking lot sweeping and pressure washing
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Ground maintenance
  • Construction cleanup
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Flood and fire restoration and other post-emergency cleanup

Our operations are flexible and scalable. As an Ultra Shine Account Program member, we will provide you the same high-quality facilities maintenance regardless of the scope of your operations.

Thank you for saving us over $222,000 with your suggestion to service all of the locations for Western Canada with one company.